Turkish Delights: A Delicious Food Culture to Relish

When you think of Turkish food, do any particular dishes or flavors immediately come to mind? You’re not alone! The dishes and flavors of Turkey are associated with one of the most popular cuisines in the world, making it no surprise that Turks often enjoy their country’s food and culture with visitors from across the globe. So whether you’re in Turkey to visit or simply want to take a culinary trip around the world, here are some delicious Turkish dishes you should make sure to try!

Keşkek: Simple But Nutritious

Keskek is a classic Turkish dish made of wheat and meat. It’s usually served as a main course for lunch or dinner, but can also be eaten as a snack. Keskek is simple to make but very nutritious, and can be easily tailored to fit any dietary needs. Plus, it’s absolutely delicious!

This traditional dish is made by grinding meat, bulgur, water and seasoning together in a large mortar. The texture of keskek is similar to a dry porridge. It’s usually served as a main course for lunch or dinner but can also be eaten as a snack. Due to its high-fiber content, keskek makes you feel full longer than other foods, making it perfect for those trying to lose weight!

The meat can be ground beef, lamb or veal. Meat grinders are available at most specialty kitchen shops, as well as online. If you don’t have one on hand, you can use a blender or food processor instead. Alternately, you can buy premade keskek from stores in Turkey—just make sure it’s cooked long enough before eating!

Seyran Keşkeği (Mixed Wheat Berry)

Seyran Keşkeği is a classic breakfast dish in Turkey. It is made of wheat berries, which are soaked overnight and then cooked with milk and sugar. The dish is often served with a dollop of kaymak (clotted cream) on top. Seyran Keşkeği is a delicious way to start your day!

You should try Seyran Keşkeği at least once when you’re in Turkey! It’s so delicious and refreshing, plus it has a nutty texture that makes it feel like you’re eating cereal for breakfast. It is also very filling, so make sure you have time to spare before work! For an authentic Turkish breakfast experience, we highly recommend Seyran Keşkeği!
You should try Seyran Keşkeği at least once when you’re in Turkey! It’s so delicious and refreshing, plus it has a nutty texture that makes it feel like you’re eating cereal for breakfast.

It is also very filling, so make sure you have time to spare before work! For an authentic Turkish breakfast experience, we highly recommend Seyran Keşkeği!
Segada Çorbas This traditional Turkish soup is made with beef stock and wheat berries, which are cooked until soft. The soup is garnished with crispy croutons and pickles, often cucumber slices. Segada Çorbası is known for its earthy flavour that’s perfect for a chilly day! You should try it!

Zeytinyağlı Pidesi

This Turkish specialty is a pizza-like dish made with a dough that is boiled in olive oil before being baked. The result is a light and fluffy crust that is then topped with a variety of toppings, including meats, vegetables, and cheeses. Zeytinyağlı Pidesi is best enjoyed with a glass of Turkish tea.

Beyaz Peynir Dolması: This dish is filled with a creamy cheese and egg mixture that includes garlic, parsley, and mint. It’s topped with minced beef and spices, then baked in a casserole dish. Like many dishes in Turkish cuisine, Beyaz Peynir Dolması tastes best when served warm.

Urfa Kaşık Kebabı: This is one of many types of kebabs in Turkish cuisine. It’s made with minced meat, spices, vegetables, and various herbs that are blended together before being grilled on a skewer. Kaşk Kebab is named after the city where it originated.

Şakşuka (A Cold Summer Salad)

Şakşuka is a refreshing cold salad that is perfect for summer. It is made with eggplant, tomatoes, garlic, onion, and green peppers. The eggplant is roasted and then combined with the other ingredients. The salad is served chilled and is best when garnished with fresh parsley.

Şakşuka is traditionally served at iftar during Ramadan. It is also a favorite during hot summer days. Şakşuka will go well with Turkish bread, nargileh (hookah), and fresh juice. So why not try out making your own şakşuka? It’s super easy and won’t take more than 30 minutes for preparation. Roast your eggplant, combine it with all other ingredients, chill in refrigerator and serve cold!

It is quite common to use grilled eggplant instead of roasting it. Şakşuka is sometimes called şamak şahucu in Turkish, which translates into eggplant salad. Samak means eggplant while sahuci means sauce or dressing. When you want to know how to make this delicious dish, simply follow these simple steps. First start by cutting the eggplants lengthwise into 1/2 inch slices, then brush each side with olive oil and place on grill over medium heat until both sides are golden browned. Next cut off stem end from green pepper and slice them lengthwise into strips as well as chopping tomato finely so you can mix them together later on.

Sebzeli Sucuklu Pide

This traditional Turkish dish is a delicious combination of succulent beef sausage, vegetables, and spices all nestled in a fluffy pide (flatbread). It’s perfect for a winter meal!
In Turkey, food is an important part of the culture. Meals are often shared with family and friends, and there is a great emphasis on fresh, local ingredients. Turkish cuisine is diverse and includes influences from the Middle East, Central Asia, and the Mediterranean. There are many delicious dishes to try, but one of our favorites is sebzeli sucuklu pide.

Seben (sebzeli sucuklu pide) literally translates as sausage with vegetables, and can be easily made using ingredients from your local market. The sausage and flatbread are typically sold together at markets, but you can also make your own bread. If you want to get creative, throw some feta cheese or olives into the mix. Don’t forget the red pepper flakes – they add that extra little bit of spice that makes this dish complete!

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Leblebi Pidesi (Honey Wheat Bread)

This Leblebi Pidesi is a delicious honey wheat bread that originates from the city of Antakya in Turkey. Flour, water, and salt are used to make the bread. Then, it is kneaded for about 10 minutes before being left to rise for 30 minutes. Once it has doubled in size, it is shaped into a round loaf and baked in a preheated oven at 200 degrees Celsius for 30 minutes. When it comes out of the oven, the bread is brushed with honey and then sprinkled with sesame seeds. It is best served warm with some butter.

Leblebi Pidesi is usually eaten during breakfast or as a snack, but it also makes a delicious accompaniment to soup. Just break off some bread and dip it into your bowl of soup, or spread some butter on it and enjoy. It’s worth experimenting with other types of honey too – you can even mix them for an interesting flavour combination. If you want to try making Leblebi Pidesi yourself, use our recipe below:
Hamsiköysü (White Bean Soup): Hamsiköysü is a hearty white bean soup that originates from Turkey and is made using freshly-cooked dried beans that are then pureed with fresh parsley, fresh onion and lots of seasoning such as salt, pepper and paprika powder.


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