The Unforgettable Food Culture of Togo: Fresh and Amazing Flavors to Try

Togo is often overlooked by travelers and those living in the region, but it’s actually an amazing place that should be given more consideration if you want to experience something new and wonderful. One of the best parts of Togo, as with many other African countries, is the food culture—the flavors are both fresh and amazing, and it’s easy to see why the people here love their food so much! Here are some of the most memorable foods to try while you’re visiting Togo.

What are the most popular dishes

Togolese love their stews, which are usually made with chicken or fish. The national dish is fufu, which is a ball of mashed cassava. Other popular dishes include garba, koklo meme (fried plantains), kedjenou (a chicken stew), and aloko (fried plantains). Breakfast typically consists of eggs, bread, and coffee, while lunch and dinner are usually heavier meals. Snacks and dessert include fruits, nuts, and pastries.

Dishes such as le coq au vin (rooster cooked in wine), pastilla, chicken kebabs, fish yassa (fish cooked in lemon juice and spices), kedjenou fish (fried fish with tomato sauce), fried snails, crayfish and other seafood dishes. Soups include okra soup and calalou water. Desserts include bananas, mangoes, peanuts, boiled corn breads or foufou. Among these desserts are banana puddings called maprikôto made from ripe plantains (green plaintains are also used for other types of puddings) that are mashed together with butter or margarine, milk/cream/condensed milk, cinnamon powder/sticks & sugar if desired.

What are some popular foods in the country

One of the most popular dishes is fufu, which is a starchy paste made from cassava or yams. It’s usually served with a soup or stew on top. Other popular dishes include koklo meme (a chicken and vegetable stew), kedjenou (a slow-cooked chicken stew), jollof rice (a rice dish cooked in tomato sauce), and attiéké (a type of couscous made from grated cassava).

There are also plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables available, as well as seafood. For lunch, many people enjoy a light meal of bread, cheese, and fruit. Dinner is often heavier and may include fufu with a meat or fish topping. In rural areas, many homes have cooking fires outside where food can be prepared for gatherings at any time of day. Lunchtime includes traditional fare like akara (bean cakes) or akpi(corn cakes) that can be eaten with some sauces like egusi (chili pepper, groundnut paste) that might be available at your table if you’re lucky!
Fruit stands are found all over Togo and they sell everything from pineapples to mangoes to bananas to oranges—all fresh and delicious! There’s nothing quite like eating an orange while it’s still warm outside during the hot season.

Where should I go for a traditional meal?

When in Lome, be sure to try the yams. They are a staple in the Togolese diet and can be prepared in a variety of ways. Another local favorite is fufu, a dish made from cassava or yams that is usually served with a soup or stew. If you’re looking for something lighter, try koklo meme, grilled chicken served with a fresh salad. For dessert, don’t miss out on the fresh fruits like pineapple, mango, and papaya. And of course, wash it all down with some cold bissap juice.

The best place to try these dishes is a local restaurant called Etoile de L’Atlas. Be sure to tell them where you’re from so they can give you an authentic Togolese experience. The friendly staff will welcome you, as well as your friends or family members. You’ll enjoy delicious meals here and make new friends along the way. If that isn’t enough for you, Etoile de L’Atlas also has a beautiful garden with flowing fountains—an ideal spot for enjoying lunch or dinner outside on those warm summer days. So if you’re ever in Lome, stop by Etoile de L’Atlas!

Breakfast Point

Togolese love their breakfast foods, and one of the most popular dishes is called fufu. Fufu is made from boiled yams that are then pounded into a dough-like consistency. It’s often served with a soup or stew on top, and it’s a filling way to start the day.
Other popular breakfast items include plantains, cassava, porridge, and bread. Breakfast is usually eaten around 6 or 7am, but it can be earlier or later depending on the family’s schedule.

Lunch is usually served around 11am, but some families may eat closer to 1pm or 2pm. Lunch tends to be more substantial than breakfast because most families take a longer break in between meals. Typically, lunch will include a combination of stews, rice, fufu, and other carbohydrate-heavy foods. Sometimes fruit or salad is also eaten.


One of the best things about Togolese cuisine is the snacks. There are so many delicious options, from fresh fruits to fried plantains. And there’s always something new to try. I love exploring the different markets and trying new foods. The sweet potatoes with cinnamon sauce at a market in Lome were one of my favorite discoveries. The spices and sauces make for such an interesting change from what you might be used to at home.
Fried Plantain Snacks (Abéna) : They’re just as good as chips or fries! In fact, they’re made out of either sweet or savory bananas that have been peeled, sliced into rounds, dipped in batter and then deep-fried until they turn a golden brown color.
Yopon (Ndolé) : A dish with a history as varied as its ingredients, yopon is one of my favorite Togolese dishes. This traditional street food is made from cassava flour and palm oil. It’s then fried into crispy balls that can be eaten alone or dipped in spicy sauces for an added kick.
Barbecued Meat (N’dojé): Togolese dishes also feature delicious grilled meats that are served on skewers. The meat is marinated with spices like garlic, ginger, nutmeg, black pepper and chili powder before being barbecued over an open flame. You can find these meats at outdoor markets or roadside stands in rural areas throughout the country. I love trying them when I’m traveling through villages on public transportation during my work trips.


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