The Overwhelming Culture of Tanzania – A mesmerizing travel experience

Traveling to Tanzania has been one of the most fascinating, overwhelming and mesmerizing experiences of my life. I’ve experienced many different cultures in my travels, and Tanzania’s culture was unlike any other. I have so much to share about this culture and my trip there, I don’t even know where to begin…


The architecture of Tanzania is as diverse as its people and cultures. From the ancient mosques and temples to the modern high-rises, there is a style to suit everyone. And with so many languages spoken, there are plenty of opportunities to learn about new cultures. Festival goers will find themselves immersed in African music, dance and art at the Masaai festival; while families can enjoy Tanzanian culture through food at the Zanzibar festival. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing beach break or an adventure into unexplored territories, Tanzania has something for everyone.

If you’re travelling with children, then there are plenty of attractions that will keep them entertained. Animal parks give a great insight into African wildlife, while beach vacations and safaris will have them feeling like they’ve stepped into an adventure book. There are also lots of water sports to try, from kayaking and water skiing to snorkelling and diving. The food scene is fantastic too. Tourists can enjoy a wide range of traditional Tanzanian foods, including ugali (a thick maize dish) and watu wa nazi (cow foot soup). For something more exotic, why not sample oryx steak or camel meat?

Tanzania is a diverse country, with so much to explore. If you’re planning a visit soon, why not take a look at Groupon Deals? We have amazing offers on things to do in your area and restaurants and attractions for when you’re back home again. Whether you want to learn about Tanzanian language or history, or sample new foods and arts and crafts, there are plenty of deals out there. So if you’re looking for an educational and culturally rich vacation, then book one today!


There are so many festivals in Tanzania that it’s hard to keep track! From music festivals like Sauti za Busara, to dance festivals like Zanzibar International Film Festival, there’s something for everyone. And the best part is that these festivals are all open to tourists! So if you’re looking for an immersive and authentic cultural experience, Tanzania is the place to be.

However, you need to keep these tips in mind before you begin. If you’re not familiar with African culture, then prepare to embrace it as everything is connected in one way or another to their traditions and customs. And like any social outing, there’s an etiquette that must be observed so everyone can have a good time! Whether it’s sitting on ground or in chairs, or watching traditional dance or modern music performances; it’s all part of their culture and must be respected. The most important thing to remember is ahala nyama chako – don’t feed them meat! This is extremely disrespectful in Swahili as tradition dictates that only hosts can provide food for guests. Just make sure you follow these tips and enjoy yourself without offending anyone.


Tanzania has more than 120 different languages, which can be quite overwhelming for visitors. The most commonly spoken language is Swahili, followed by English and then French. There are also many other local languages, such as Maasai and Hadza. The best way to learn about the culture is to immerse yourself in it and try to speak the local language as much as possible.

Each tribe speaks a different language, with Swahili as their common dialect. Swahili is not only spoken by locals but also used in government, schools and day-to-day life. It is not an easy language to learn and has very complex grammar rules, so make sure you devote enough time to learning it! If you are looking for more specific guidance on learning Swahili, head over to our essential tips on how to learn Swahili as a tourist in Tanzania. As with any country, knowing some words before arriving can help smooth out your visit to this amazing place. Some useful words include nini (hello), ni bora (goodbye), tafadhali (please) and uhamiaji (thank you). Whilst getting acquainted with these words may seem daunting at first, don’t worry – like anything else, practice makes perfect!

Tanzanians are warm and welcoming people, so there’s really no reason to feel intimidated when you start learning their language. As we have mentioned, Swahili is quite complex and can be a little difficult to learn, but visitors will soon be able to navigate daily life with relative ease. It’s important that travellers go out of their way to attempt speaking some words in local languages as you never know who may end up having an impact on your trip! An African safari tour can often mean a long car journey from place to place which leaves plenty of time for daydreaming or admiring views. Rather than turning on some background music, take advantage of quiet moments by striking up conversations with your fellow passengers.


The music of Tanzania is as diverse as its people and cultures. There are more than 120 different ethnic groups in Tanzania, each with their own distinct music and traditions. The most popular music genres in Tanzania are taarab, bongo flava, hip hop, and reggae. Tanzanian musicians have been able to fuse these different genres together to create a unique sound that is all their own.

The typical Tanzanian music genre is taarab, a vibrant style that combines traditional Swahili rhythms with contemporary pop to create a distinct sound. Tarab means excitement in Arabic, and it is an apt descriptor for these jubilant tunes. Taarab typically features a lead singer accompanied by traditional instruments such as an acoustic guitar or drums. One popular song that illustrates the upbeat spirit of taarab is Hari Ni Mpya Wa Hizi by Suzzana Owiyo. It has everything you’d expect from a good taarab song—excitement, playfulness, and plenty of emotion.

Cultural lesson from Tanzanians

The Tanzanian culture is one that is both unique and overwhelming. From the moment you arrive in the country, you are bombarded with new sights, smells and sounds. But, as overwhelming as it may seem, the culture is also incredibly fascinating. Here are a few things I learned from my time in Tanzania:

  1. Tanzanians are some of the most hospitable people in the world. They will go out of their way to make sure you feel welcome and comfortable in their country.
  2. The food is amazing! I was lucky enough to try some traditional dishes while I was there and they were all delicious.
  3. There is so much to see and do in Tanzania. For the price of one ticket, this country has the opportunity to please any and all interested travelers, from those seeking adventure to those wanting to learn about Tanzanian history.
  4. It’s not just wildlife safaris that draw visitors here; Tanzania has beautiful natural landscapes and historical landmarks too. I personally loved visiting Ngorongoro Crater because it had such an otherworldly atmosphere – especially at night when it’s full of stars overhead!
  5. One thing to be mindful of is how hot it can get during the day in Tanzania (it got up to 95 degrees Fahrenheit where we were).
  6. It might be overwhelming at first but this place quickly becomes your home away from home once you’ve settled into life here.


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