The Great and Extravagant Destinations of North Korea

Unbeknownst to most, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, or North Korea as it’s known in the West, has some of the most luxurious accommodations found anywhere in the world. North Korean tourism was only opened up to foreign tourists in 2013, but once you arrive in Pyongyang, you’ll be astonished by the level of service you receive at every hotel and resort on offer within the country. The following are some of the most extravagant and luxurious places to stay during your visit to North Korea – they just might surprise you!


Pyonghyang, the capital city of North Korea, is an extraordinary place full of majestic architecture and thrilling adventures. From the top of the grandiose Juche Tower to the bottom of the Pyongyang Metro, there is so much to see and do in this city. And that’s just the beginning! Other great destinations in North Korea include Mount Myohyang, the Demilitarized Zone, and Lake Samjiyon. So if you’re looking for an adventurous vacation, be sure to add North Korea to your list!

Another great place to visit in North Korea is Mount Myohyang. This mountainous area has its own beauty, from rushing rivers to snowy peaks to majestic temples. Whether you’re into hiking or history, there’s sure to be something for you here! But even if nature isn’t your thing, there are still more attractions: boat rides down the Myohyangsan Stream, wandering around ancient shrines, checking out some Korean art…the list goes on! With so much to see and do in such a unique place, Mount Myohyang really stands out as an extraordinary destination. It’s no wonder that many people consider it their favourite sightseeing spot in all of North Korea!
Many choose to visit Lake Samjiyon while they’re in North Korea because of its close proximity to the summit of Mt. Paektu – one of the most beautiful mountains in the world. The scenery at Lake Samjiyon is spectacular and offers thrill-seekers a rare opportunity for skiing, hiking, fishing, biking, boating, kayaking, swimming and horseback riding – what better way to experience nature? Visitors can also try yachting at Songdowon Beach with picturesque views from every angle! And don’t forget about Sunchon Spa – it’s one of North Korea’s best kept secrets but well worth seeing!


The first stop on our journey is the city of Kaesong. Located in the southern part of North Korea, Kaesong was once the capital of the ancient Korean kingdom of Goguryeo. Today, it is home to a number of historical sites, including the Tomb of King Tongmyong, the Koryo History Museum, and the Songdowon International Schoolchildren’s Camp. Kaesong is also known for its traditional handicrafts, such as pottery and papermaking.

That being said, there are still some beautiful views and scenes that can be found throughout the city: one of these is the Taedong River which flows through both Pyongyang and Kaesong. Nearby, visitors can see bronze statues of President Kim Il-sung and his son Kim Jong-il mounted on top of an archway, welcoming everyone into their country.

However, life in this historic city is not always easy. When tourists visit, they will find that Kaesong has been designated as a special economic zone, which means many people from the countryside come to live here in order to make money by trading goods or doing manual labor. Visitors will have seen groups of people standing around waiting for work opportunities – though this does not seem like much fun for them, you’ll probably still feel bad about it! But what else would you expect from a totalitarian regime?


The city is also known for its unique architecture, which includes a mix of Soviet-style buildings and traditional Korean structures. The city’s unique history and culture make it a popular tourist destination for those interested in exploring North Korea.

The city is home to some of the country’s finest beaches on the East Sea Coast as well as one of the nation’s most impressive landmarks: Yongdok Ferris Wheel. Built at an estimated cost of $5 million USD, the 160-meter tall Ferris wheel takes 15 minutes to complete one revolution. It can accommodate up to 320 passengers at once and offers spectacular views across the coastal area.


A relatively small city by North Korean standards, Sariwon is nonetheless an important stop for any traveler. The city is home to a number of historic sites, including the Grand People’s Study House, the Revolutionary Museum, and the Workers’ Party Foundation Monument. Plus, there are plenty of great places to eat and shop in Sariwon.


The city of Sinuiju is located on the border of North Korea and China. It is a beautiful city with many great and extravagant destinations. The first destination is the Grand People’s Study House. This building is very tall and has many floors. It is a great place to study or read. The second destination is the Pyongyang Zoo. This zoo has many different animals, including tigers, lions, and bears. The third destination is the Ryugyong Hotel. This hotel is very tall and has a lot of rooms. It is a great place to stay when you are visiting Pyongyang.

The fourth destination is Kim Il-sung Square. This square has a large statue that represents Mr. Kim Il-sung, who was North Korea’s first president. The fifth destination is Mansudae Grand Monument. This monument has a huge bronze statue of Mr. Kim Jong-il, who was North Korea’s second president. He was born in 1941 and became president after his father died in 1994. His people loved him very much because he always took care of them and tried to make their lives better. In 2011, he died of illness.

The sixth destination is Kumsusan Palace of Sun. This palace has many big rooms with a large collection of Kim Il-sung’s and Kim Jong-il’s personal items, like shoes, pens, coats, suits, books, chairs, desks and beds. Many people visit this palace every year to see these objects. The seventh destination is Chilgol Waterfall. It is one of North Korea’s most beautiful waterfalls because it has crystal clear water that flows down a rocky hillside into a small lake surrounded by bamboo plants and cherry trees. The eighth destination is Pyongyang Grand Theatre. It is one of North Korea’s largest theatres where they put on plays about history or their country.


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