The Famous Markets of Dubai: A Shopper’s Paradise

Dubai’s markets are great shopping destinations, especially if you’re looking to pick up some quality souvenirs and merchandise while on your travels. Dubai’s markets provide endless opportunities to find that perfect gift or trinket, whether you’re shopping for others or yourself. Here are the best things to buy at Dubai’s famous markets!

Dubai Creek Harbour

The first developer-led master-planned community in Deira, Dubai Creek Harbour offers more than 500 services and outlets, including a Central Market place area, which is home to 40 retail stores. There are also 33 hotels and serviced residences already available in DCH, as well as 70 restaurants. The cheapest things you can find here? Seafood from India sold for Dhs1 per kilo by Indian suppliers.

There’s also a souk – which is Arabic for market place area – within DCH called Souk Al Bahar. It features 100 shops and outlets and includes some heavy-hitting brands. Gap, Zara, Nike, Timberland and many others are there to tempt you with their clothing stores, while it’s a good idea to visit Casio Collection for timepieces such as watches, clocks and wristwatches. Then head on over to Moleskine for notebooks or Apple if you need some new devices.

Al Ghurair Centre

Shopping in Dubai doesn’t come cheap. The posh malls are filled with high-end brands and luxury products. That’s why a visit to Al Ghurair Centre is so refreshing—you’ll be hard pressed to find something that costs more than a few bucks. Located on Tariq Bin Ziyad Road, Al Ghurair Centre is an indoor/outdoor shopping centre anchored by a vegetable market that offers all kinds of inexpensive foods and products, like rice, dates, nuts and Arabic sweets. Even if you don’t want to buy anything, it makes for a fun adventure just to explore. Some vendors will even let you sample their wares!

If you’re looking for a good bargain, head to the Gold Souk. The souk is located at Al Fahidi Fort and it’s easy to get there via metro, since it’s a stop on both Red and Green lines. There are plenty of vendors here selling everything from gold coins to pendants, necklaces and even watches. Bargaining isn’t required here but most shopkeepers will start out offering a lower price if you show interest in their wares. Alternatively, you can also buy something at one vendor and then find an identical item with a cheaper price somewhere else—the vendors are used to that! After all, who doesn’t love saving money?

The Gold Souk isn’t your only option if you’re looking for something affordable. Head to Deira and you’ll find yourself in a dense maze of souks full of cheap shops and stalls selling products from clothing to electronics. If you’re shopping on a budget, there are also plenty of street food stalls scattered around that offer grilled chicken, meat kebabs and steaming bowls of hummus. The variety is incredible—if you can think it up, chances are it can be found somewhere in Deira! It might not be where all the fancy stores are but you don’t have to worry about spending too much here—the entire souk is filled with affordable prices!

Grand Hyatt Dubai

The Grand Hyatt Dubai has a shopping mall connected to it, where you can find cheap electronics, clothing and other goods from around the world. It’s also home to quite a few high-end boutiques, like Chanel and Prada. Since there are so many great stores here, it can be hard to know where to start – but we’ve got a guide for that!

Souk Madinat Jumeirah is another one of Dubai’s most popular shopping areas. Many locals love it for its selection of unique gifts and souvenirs, as well as local artwork and jewelry. Some find it great for picking up exotic spices, while others love its range of flowers and plants. If you want to pick up authentic Arabian or Middle Eastern goods at a fair price, make sure to visit Souk Madinat Jumeirah. There are a lot of specialty shops here, including shops that sell housewares or clothes (like H&M) at much lower prices than back home – plus there are several food options nearby so you can grab some lunch before continuing your tour!

Khalidiyah Mall

This is, arguably, Dubai’s most affordable mall. The main attraction here is clearly bargaining with traditional souks, but it also has a good mix of shops – and it’s an excellent place to pick up all manner of cheap souvenirs. The surrounding area has plenty to offer too – from budget restaurants and coffee shops to hypermarkets that stock everything from everyday staples to electronics and clothes. If you’re on a tight budget then Khalidiyah Mall is your best bet for spending time in air-conditioned comfort while picking up some good deals.

Al Rigga Market is one of Dubai’s most interesting – and affordable – places to shop. This vibrant souk (traditional market) doesn’t just sell food and clothes; it also boasts an intriguing mix of goods including watches, electronics, music, books and much more. It is hugely popular with locals – partly because many products are cheaper than in other stores. Though the mall doesn’t have all the high-end brands and pricey items people might want, if you plan accordingly, it can still be worth a visit.

As its name suggests, Al Seef is one of the cheapest places to shop in all of Dubai. Visitors can head here for everything from clothes and electronics to cars – there are more than 25 car dealerships here. The souk is a well-known expat haunt, and it has plenty to offer everyone from tourists seeking great deals on souvenirs to locals looking for cheap food. If you’re after something specific, then you’re likely to find it here at a bargain price. For example, if you want really cheap laptop computers, clothing or even kitchenware then Al Seef Market is your best bet. It’s also a convenient spot for picking up some everyday staples without breaking your budget.

Mall of the Emirates

The Mall of Emirates is a shopping mall in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The Mall opened on an area of 509,900 m2 (5,600,000 sq ft) and contains over 1,200 shops. It is currently one of four operational shopping malls in Dubai and also includes a large aquarium situated near its atrium entrance. There are also ten levels with parking space for 3,500 cars. Mall Of Emirates houses boutiques from designers including Louis Vuitton and Hermès as well as many other luxury brands.

This Ibn Battuta Mall is a shopping mall in Dubai, United Arab Emirates with a gross leasable area of 1.2 million square feet (110,000 m2) over six levels. The complex also contains several four-star hotels, providing more than 2000 rooms in total. These include the Aloft Hotel, Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel, Novotel and Holiday Inn. Shopping at Ibn Battuta Mall gives you access to the cheapest things you can find in Dubai – but it’s not just clothes that can be found here. From mobile phones to laptops, DVDs to video games – if you need it then you’ll find it somewhere in this mall!

Wafi Mall

Wafi Mall is a favorite among visitors to Dubai. Because it’s located near several hotels and easy to get to via taxi or public transportation, people love coming here just for shopping. The mall features more than 380 luxury shops and boutiques selling everything from brand-name fashion apparel and accessories to famous name-brand home furnishings, electronics, toys and gadgets. Also on site are more than 20 restaurants as well as cafes, bars and cinemas. This entertainment-oriented mall is open every day ; there’s also a 24-hour concierge desk that can arrange flight tickets or help you with last minute arrangements before your flight leaves Dubai later that day.


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