Snow Wonder in Vienna – 8 Fun Activities to Do in the Snow

The weather in Vienna is typically continental, with cold winters and hot summers. The coldest month is December, which doesn’t average above 0°C. Snow also falls in these months with daytime temps as low as zero. Local authorities make clearing the roads and sidewalks easy and simple and recent years the lowest recorded temperature was -21.7°C (-7°F). Bring warm clothes if you’re traveling in the winter.

Christmas Markets – Buy Festive Trinkets

If you’re visiting Vienna, be sure to stop by the many festive Christmas markets that dot the old town. Located at the front of the Belvedere Palace, there are stalls with food and handiwork from local vendors, music from Austrian choir, and lots of places to warm up with wine.

At Belvedere, you can buy candles, wooden decorations, and ornaments—ideal for gifts or just stocking up your own Christmas decorations. For those with a sweet tooth, try to stop by at Christkindl Markt near St. Stephan’s cathedral as it is one of Vienna’s most popular Christmas markets!

Cafes – Indulge In The Coffee Culture

Enjoy a coffee and a delicious dessert at one of Vienna’s wintertime cafes. It’s a perfect place to warm up after sightseeing all afternoon. Centuries-old, these coffee shops have preserved the Austrian and Hungarian original styles including Café Leopold Hawelka, Café Korb, and Café Central.

There are different varieties of coffee available in Vienna. Be sure to explore the menu and order appropriately, or else you’ll wind up ordering something you don’t like. The classic Austrian cousin of the cappuccino is Melange. Thankfully, there are plenty of cozy nooks from which to relax from the chill of the frosty Viennese weather. Nothing beats an old fashioned Viennese coffeehouse.

Rathausplatz – Go Ice Skating

During the winter in Vienna, ice skating is a popular winter activity that both tourists and locals enjoy. In Vienna, you can skate on modern indoor ice rinks or on beautiful outdoor ice rinks framed by some stunning backdrops. In the wintertime, Rathausplatz in front of Vienna City Hall is transformed into a winter wonderland complete with a frozen skating rink and charming holiday lights. Between Inter-Continental Hotel and Vienna Konzerthaus there is an ice rink, at 6000 sq. meters, during the Christmas season.

Imperial Palace – Dance At The Ball

It is common to find a large number of dance balls held at the Imperial Palace in Vienna, which adhere to a festive ceremony. In addition, the Vienna ball season falls within January and February. A traditional ritual follows the ball. The lights in the ballroom are dimmed and the performing bands play a slow waltz until all guests have left..

Enjoy A Spa Therapy

If you want to escape the wind and cold in Vienna in the winter, a spa is a great idea. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing spa experience in Vienna, Arany Spa Vienna, So SPA at Sofitel Vienna Stephansdom, or Therme Wien are some of the best places.

While going for a spa session, you can choose between mineral and seawater baths, massages and other body treatments. Each one of these activities is designed to treat different conditions so you’ll want to discuss your personal needs with your therapist before you start. You can also visit their websites for more information or make an appointment online.

Prater Park – Play In The Snow

Thanks to global warming, you cannot find snow in Vienna during the winter months, and everything in winter is beautiful. There are winter feelings year-round. In the winter, go out and take some pictures, find the nearest park, or make a snowman. Go to Prater Park and participate in a snowball fight with your friends.

Schönbrunn Palace – Attend A Classical Concert

One of Vienna’s fabulous tourist attractions in winter is Schönbrunn Palace, a Summer residence of the Habsburg monarchs that can be easily reached by public transportation. It is listed on the UNESCO World Heritage Site, which is a prominent cultural, architectural, and historical landmark in Austria. There are a number of world-class classical music events every day in Vienna. It is highly recommended to book ahead of time to secure your tickets.

St. Stephen’s Cathedral – Climb To The Top

St. Stephen’s Cathedral is one of the most famous and well known sights in Vienna, and in excess of 1 million visitors. It’s positioned in the center of the city and is surrounded by beautiful greenery. Just climb up to the top with 343 steps and enjoy the view of the city center of Vienna. With 700 years of history, this church is one of the most prominent landmarks in the entire city. Vienna’s St. Stephen’s Cathedral is a top tourist attraction in winter, due to its incredible architectural beauty.


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