Roller Coastering in Spain: An Adventurer’s Thrilling Ride

If you’re ready to get your heart pounding, get your adrenaline pumping, and experience some of the best views in the world, roller coasters are the way to go. Roller coasters are one of the most popular rides in amusement parks all over the world and provide thrill-seekers with an unforgettable ride that’s perfect for kids and adults alike. Spain offers many different types of roller coasters, from tame family attractions to death-defying steel monsters that will keep you screaming until you reach the ground!

The roller coaster

Because roller coasters are so thrilling, they’re often a big part of adventures. If you’re planning a vacation to any of these places, be sure to pencil in time for some high-flying fun at one or more of these world-class destinations! Put yourself into something of a tizzy with these record-setting roller coasters. For your next getaway, why not chill out at one of Europe’s most beautiful theme parks? It’ll definitely feel like you’re on vacation when you spend time on one of these relaxing rides through Europe’s scenic countryside. Feeling daring? Do your best to remain calm, as an unforeseen custard pie is about to give you a messy treat! Discover what each exhilarating destination has to offer, and get excited about the unforgettable memories that lie ahead for your family.

Europe is full of them. From France to Italy, and all over Great Britain, you’ll find plenty of fun rides waiting for you when you visit your favourite European destinations. Pay close attention to not let your stomach fall out while riding The Smiler at Alton Towers, as it holds two world records! Not only does it have 14 loops, but it also has a drop height of 177 ft., making it one of the tallest rides on Earth. If that isn’t enough excitement for you, take on Tempesto at Blackpool Pleasure Beach—this ride will blow your mind with its crazy twists and turns! Another intense ride is Takabisha—also located at Japan’s Fuji-Q Highland Park—which gives riders an unforgettable experience from start to finish.

Prepare for an adventure

Whether you’re roller coastering for thrill or relaxing with friends and family, a roller coaster ride can get your heart pumping and blood tizzying. Roller coasters travel up to 60 miles per hour and features such as twists, loops, dips, curves, dips and corkscrews make them one of most exciting rides available at amusement parks across America. For those who aren’t sure about getting on a roller coaster ride alone—don’t worry! Most amusement parks offer companion tickets so that you can bring along a friend or family member to enjoy an equally fun adventure.

You may think you know everything there is to know about roller coasters, but did you know that most coasters don’t allow riders on who are under a certain height? The minimum height restrictions are different for each ride, and vary from 36 inches to 54 inches tall. Some may also have an age restriction—like Disney World’s Space Mountain, which prohibits kids under 8 years old. And if you’re bringing along little ones, don’t forget to bring their safety gear! This includes a car seat or stroller for infants, booster seats for kids who can’t sit up on their own and protective headgear like helmets and seat belts for everyone else.

Your first ride

Chilled custard pies and whiskey drinks are a thrill seeker’s reward after conquering one of Spain’s high-speed roller coasters. A roller coaster or American bobsled ride can be found in almost every big city and amusement park across Europe. Taking a journey down one of these twists, turns, drops and steep inclines makes for an adrenaline rush like no other, especially after learning about each coaster’s history and harrowing details. The first ever roller coaster was built in a London park called Crystal Palace Park as an attraction for people who wanted to re-create train rides at home. It was also used to promote travel to other states from England during its heyday.

Roller coasters and bobsleds were popularised at an international level during The Great Exhibition which was a huge event to promote peace after decades of war. These rides were specifically created for people to enjoy before and after they’d seen all of the exhibits. Roller coasters had become even more extreme by that point because many riders weren’t wearing enough safety equipment such as seat belts and helmets. That led to some serious injuries, deaths and accidents.
This further spurred invention around safety features so it was common for roller coasters to become bigger, faster and more daring in order to increase ridership numbers. Engineers now take pride in building gravity-defying rides that push boundaries across continents for adrenaline junkies everywhere.

The views from the top

We arrived at Port Aventura an hour before park opening to ensure a good spot. The line was already over 100 people deep by then and spilling into every corner of a large parking lot. We joined it, taking positions behind Spaniards and Americans of various ages and backgrounds who had come together for a common purpose: to race through loops and circles, screaming their heads off all day long. We passed time asking those around us about how they had heard about Port Aventura or what brought them to Barcelona from far-flung places (New York City, Toronto). Then we waited some more for what seemed like hours before getting admitted through turnstiles that reminded me of something you’d see at Six Flags.

Once inside, we saw how tall it was. It had been built to a height of 126 feet with a track length of nearly one mile. Its tallest and fastest roller coaster could make you feel as if you were plummeting straight down while turning a full 360 degrees. I decided against riding it because I wanted to be able to walk normally that evening at my family’s hotel just outside Barcelona, but my friends braved it—and promptly got sick afterwards, forcing them to sleep through much of our day trip exploring Barcelona and its environs after Port Aventura closed for the day.

Adrenaline junkie tips

When traveling to Andalusia, consider skipping Seville’s well-known attractions and head instead to its world-class roller coaster. The massive wooden ride is a 2.5km long thrill ride that has been open since 2003 and was constructed as part of a theme park called Terra Mítica. Not only does it feature numerous drops of over 100 feet, but it also provides incredible views of Seville and its surrounding areas from both up high and down low. Regardless of whether or not you’re comfortable with heights, multiple roller coaster designs are available, most notably the kinds without flips.

Because it’s not one of Seville’s top attractions, you won’t have to wait very long in line. It also is quite affordable. Another perk of visiting Terra Mítica during its off-season, which stretches from late November until late March, is that you might be able to snag a discount ticket at around half price. Just be aware that no discounts are available during school holidays and there’s no way to purchase a ticket online.


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