Marvelous Destinations of Tunisia: A Must-See for All Sightseeing Enthusiasts!

One of the lesser-known countries in the world, Tunisia has become very popular in recent years due to its marvelous tourist destinations, which rival those of Egypt and Spain. Many travelers don’t know this country exists until they plan their holiday, but once they do, they’re shocked at how many marvelous destinations there are to choose from! Here are just a few of the best ones you can visit on your next trip to Tunisia!


If you’re looking for an unforgettable, mesmerizing, and scenic destination for your next holiday, look no further than Tunisia! This North African country is home to some of the most beautiful and serene landscapes in the world. From the stunning Sahara Desert to the majestic mountains of the Atlas range, there’s something for everyone to enjoy in Tunisia. And with its rich history and culture, there’s no shortage of things to see and do either. So if you’re planning a trip soon, be sure to add Tunisia to your list of must-see destinations!

With its landscapes, history, and culture, there’s no shortage of things to see and do in Tunisia. So if you’re planning a trip soon, be sure to add it to your list of must-see destinations! Some activities that travelers can enjoy include exploring world heritage sites such as Carthage National Museum or Bardo National Museum in Tunis. Those who enjoy shopping can find plenty of stores throughout Tunis selling everything from traditional handicrafts to modern electronics.

Carthage – Home to Hannibal, Sights from Ancient Times

Carthage is an unforgettable destination in Tunisia. This ancient city was once home to the great Carthaginian general Hannibal. Today, visitors can see sights from the times of the Roman Empire. The scenic views of the Mediterranean Sea are mesmerizing. The serene atmosphere is perfect for a relaxing holiday.

The historic citadel of Carthage, once used by Alexander’s troops to defend themselves against their enemies, is a popular destination for tourists interested in ancient history. The city also has a gorgeous seaside promenade where you can sit and enjoy a pleasant day at sea. Be sure to take in as many sights as possible so that you don’t miss out on any of Carthage’s most popular attractions!

Carthage is also a terrific place to learn about local culture. Check out their souvenir shops and markets where you can find delightful items like leather goods, jewellery, spices and food. Here are some places to check out when you’re there: * The Bou Zina Caravanserai * El Djem (formerly called Thysdrus) * Château de la Galite on El Djem Lake * The Kerkouane archaeological site * Bardo National Museum. While Carthage certainly offers its fair share of entertainment, it’s by no means all fun and games.

The Ruins at Dougga

The first stop on our tour of Marvelous Destinations of Tunisia is the Ruins at Dougga. This UNESCO World Heritage site is one of the best-preserved Roman ruins in all of Africa. The ancient city was once a thriving metropolis, and today its ruins offer a glimpse into the past. The Temple of Jupiter, the Capitoline Hill, and the Forum are just some of the highlights that await you at this fascinating archaeological site.

Dougga is the perfect place to learn about daily life in ancient Tunisia. Our guides can tell you many fascinating stories about what it was like in Roman Africa. For example, did you know that these ruins are home to one of only four subterranean restaurants in all of North Africa? In addition to being a great place to grab lunch, it also tells us something about how common dining out was among Roman citizens during ancient times. The food might be a bit different now, but you can find delicious meals throughout Dougga as well as nearby Tunis and Gabes.

If you’re interested in exploring ancient Tunisian culture further, be sure to visit nearby El Jem. The Amphitheatre here is one of our favorite things to see in Tunisia and can even accommodate up to 20,000 spectators at a time. It was built during Roman times as an open air venue that could also host gladiator fights and other types of theatrical performances. As you explore its ruins, think about what it must have been like to witness such spectacles first hand in ancient times.

Kerkouane – An Underwater Treasure to Explore

Kerkouane is a small village located on the coast of Tunisia. This hidden gem is home to some of the most beautiful and well-preserved Roman ruins in the world. What makes Kerkouane even more special is that it lies underwater! That’s right – you can scuba dive or snorkel around these incredible ruins. If you’re looking for an unforgettable experience, add Kerkouane to your list of must-see destinations.

The Roman ruins at Kerkouane date back to 205 BC, when a Carthaginian general named Hanno The Great established an outpost on this site. At its peak, Kerkouane was home to a thousand people and prospered because it served as an important commercial port between Rome and North Africa. Over time, however, nearby cities overtook Kerkouane in popularity, and by AD400 most residents had abandoned their city. Over 2 millennia later, you can still explore what remains.

If you’re not a diver, Kerkouane makes a great day trip from Tunis. You can hire a guide to take you through its Roman ruins, or just stop by and explore for a few hours. The city sits right next to one of Tunis’ most popular beaches and tourist spots, Cap Bon, which is located at the tip of Africa’s northeastern corner. Another spot worth checking out while you’re here is Le Téméraire Beach Club – it’s one of Cap Bon’s most beautiful secluded spots. During your visit, be sure to sample some local food like sfouf (pastry made with semolina flour) or stick around long enough to see the local fish market open up after sundown.

Bizerte and its Fortifications

Bizerte is a beautiful city located in Tunisia’s north. It is known for its rich history and well-preserved fortifications. The town has a long and varied history, dating back to the Phoenician era. Bizerte was an important trading post for the Carthaginians and later the Romans. The town was conquered by the Arabs in the 7th century and has been under Muslim rule ever since. The town’s strategic location made it a target for European powers during the Ottoman era. It was occupied by the French from 1881 until 1956, after which it returned to Tunisian control. Today, Bizerte is a popular tourist destination, known for its beaches, clear blue waters, and historic sites.

The town is popular with European tourists. One of Bizerte’s greatest attractions is its historic fortifications, which were built by France during its occupation and are today considered among Europe’s best preserved marine fortifications. The Bizerte fortifications were designed by Paul Gaudot as part of a broader scheme to protect commercial shipping lanes, in addition to offering protection from naval raids and small attacks. The fort system was constructed between 1884 and 1887 and consists of three levels: a harbor wall, an inner breakwater, and an outer breakwater. Today, visitors can see many remains including casemates, gates, cannon positions and counterscarp galleries.

The town offers a variety of other attractions, including Bizerte Museum and Sidi Bou Saïd Beach. For those who want to learn more about history, there is an Archeological Museum near Hotel de Ville. The museum displays artifacts dating back to 4000 BC and is one of most important archaeological museums in North Africa. Visitors interested in taking a walk can also explore ‘Chemin Royal’ or King’s Walk, where visitors can admire Roman monuments and admire views across Tunisian blue waters.

Nefta, Oases and Sand Dunes

Nefta is a small town in southern Tunisia, located near the Algerian border. The town is best known for its oases and sand dunes, which make it a popular destination for sightseeing enthusiasts. Nefta is home to two of the most famous oases in the world, Oued Nefousa and Oued Rjmel. These oases are surrounded by sand dunes that stretch for miles. Visitors to Nefta can also explore the ancient ruins of the city, which date back to the Roman era.

Discover some nature at Oued Rjmel. This dune is about 20 meters high and 50 kilometers long. The best time to go hiking is in summer when it’s hotter, making it easier to cross a large portion of sand. There are also plenty of cafes and shops along Nefta’s coastline where visitors can grab some snacks before continuing their exploration.
Alternatively, stop by Fort Caxine if you’re looking for more historical attractions while in Nefta. The fort was built during France’s colonization in the 19th century and served as a prison during World War II until its independence in 1956.

Make sure to leave your camera at home when visiting Nefta, as taking photos is prohibited in some areas. This policy was implemented after terrorist attacks were discovered to have been planned in and around oases by terrorists. Nefta itself has a low crime rate, but you still should be cautious when walking along city streets. It’s also recommended that you travel with a tour guide while exploring Nefta, as they can help point out any suspicious activity and give some helpful tips.


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