Marvelous and Adventurous Destinations of Saint Lucia

The island of Saint Lucia is known as the Jewel of the Caribbean and it’s not hard to see why. The landscape features dense rainforests, picturesque beaches, and imposing volcanoes that form an unforgettable backdrop to its rich history, natural resources, and abundant wildlife. If you’re planning on visiting Saint Lucia soon, here are some of the island’s most marvelous and adventurous destinations to check out.


Whether you are looking for comfortable relaxation or classic adventure, Saint Lucia has a vacation destination that will suit your needs. With its scenic beaches and crystal-clear waters, the island is perfect for a romantic getaway or family vacation. There are also many opportunities for exploration and discovery, from hiking in the rainforest to visiting the Pitons, two volcanic peaks that dominate the landscape. Whatever your interests, Saint Lucia is sure to have something to delight and surprise you.

If you are looking for comfortable relaxation, Rodney Bay Village is a popular choice. It has several world-class hotels, like Wyndham Sugar Beach Resort & Spa, which offer luxurious accommodations that feature private pools and stunning views. Guests can choose from many on-site activities like swimming in a pool or enjoying dinner in one of many restaurants. A visit to Gros Islet is another option if you are looking for comfortable relaxation. You can find everything from big name stores to quaint boutiques and fun nightlife here, including Scotchies Restaurant & Bar, an open-air bar with live entertainment; Alley Katz Sports Bar; or Elixir Nightclub & Lounge.


Situated on the southwest coast of Saint Lucia, Soufriere is a scenic town with a classic Caribbean atmosphere. The town is home to the famous Pitons, two mountains that rise sharply from the sea. Visitors can hike to the top of the Pitons for a stunning view of the surrounding area, or take a boat ride to see them from below. Soufriere is also home to a number of beaches, including Anse Chastanet, which is known for its black sand and clear waters.

No trip to Saint Lucia would be complete without taking in the views at Pigeon Island National Park. It’s one of the few places in the world where you can go swimming with wild dolphins! There are plenty of other activities available as well, such as hiking trails and snorkeling excursions around local reefs. Another popular destination is Morne Coubaril Botanical Gardens, where visitors will find everything from lush rainforests to ancient ruins! But beware – there are many steep paths, so be sure to wear sturdy shoes.

Bequia: Bequia is an island off the eastern coast of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. If you’re looking for an island escape this should definitely be your first stop! And if you want to stay busy during your visit, there are plenty of opportunities for outdoor adventures like diving or kayaking.


As the capital city of Saint Lucia, Castries is a hub for business and finance. The city is also home to numerous historical sites, including Fort Charlotte, the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, and the Derek Walcott Square. Outside of the city, visitors can explore rainforests, waterfalls, and hiking trails.

One of Saint Lucia’s most popular natural attractions is Morne Coubaril, a peak with impressive views that extends across much of St. Lucia. Visitors can hike to its summit for incredible views or relax in one of its three natural pools at its base. There are many other natural wonders waiting to be explored on this island: beaches such as Choiseul Bay, Gros Islet Beach, or Jalousie Beach; waterfalls like Black River Falls; national parks like La Soufriere Park; and walking trails such as Piton Trail. Saint Lucia also has a bustling culinary scene that includes an array of dishes made from local ingredients like fresh fruit, vegetables, coconut milk, seafood, goat meat and more.

One other attraction is Buccament Bay Beach, a spot that offers great snorkeling opportunities as well as views of offshore Pitons. Those looking for more active water sports can kayak around Desruisseaux Island or scuba dive in Anse Chastanet Marine Reserve. Visitors looking to do something off-the-beaten path can explore Diamond Waterfall, Mont Choisy Beach, or Soufriere Volcano. There are also plenty of cultural attractions on Saint Lucia to see such as craft markets and restaurants serving local dishes such as colombo curry, saltfish fritters, dasheen (taro) leaf soup and pepper pot stew.

Gros Islet

The pulsating nightlife, the exquisite beaches, the endless rum cocktails and the tantalizing food. All these make Gros Islet one of Saint Lucia’s most popular tourist destinations. Located on the northern tip of the island, this fishing village has something for everyone. If you’re looking for a place to party, Gros Islet is the place to be. But if you’re looking for a more relaxed atmosphere, there are plenty of beach bars and restaurants to enjoy.

For centuries, fishing has been a primary source of income for residents. Even today, you can find fishermen selling their fresh catch at Fish Market on Market Street every Saturday morning. They are usually gone by lunchtime, however, so early risers should take advantage. Fishing vessels are also moored along the bay front with vendors selling fish caught that day. A fisherman will even fillet your catch for you right off his boat! Visitors can also visit Fisherman’s Wharf where they will find plenty of shops and eateries specializing in local dishes like curried goat or whole fried fish served with breadfruit salad and Creole sauce. One must-try dish is Flying Fish, which is traditionally made with pan-fried flying fish smothered in onion rings in a spicy tomato sauce with coconut milk as an added bonus! It might sound strange but it tastes great.


A small fishing village located on the northeastern coast of Saint Lucia, Dennery is a place of natural beauty and adventure. The village is home to many small businesses, including restaurants, cafes, and souvenir shops. Visitors can find a number of activities to enjoy in Dennery, such as swimming, hiking, and exploring the local culture.

It is Marigot Bay, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The bay is known for its deep waters, sandy beaches, and coral reefs. The main activity here is snorkeling and scuba diving through all levels of certification, as well as learning to dive from one of several different schools in town. Visitors can also participate in activities like kayaking, water skiing, sail boarding and more when visiting Marigot Bay. Other attractions near by include Les Pitons National Park, which encompasses 3 ranges of mountains that are each over 2,000 meters high. Here visitors can hike up mountains or drive up them with jeeps provided by tour operators in nearby Anse la Raye. Tourists may also wish to visit Soufriere Sulphur Springs, which contains healing hot springs and scenic views.

Choiseul Island

This little-known destination is a great place to get away from it all and explore the natural beauty of Saint Lucia. With its lush rainforests, waterfalls, and hiking trails, Choiseul Island is perfect for nature lovers. And for those who like to get their adrenaline pumping, there are plenty of adventurous activities to keep you busy, like zip-lining and rock climbing.

And of course, you can’t miss out on a visit to Soufriere Bay. This colorful beach is nestled in a mountain cove and offers breathtaking views. Best of all, there are several luxury resorts nearby where you can stay overnight and enjoy all that the bay has to offer. Just remember to pack your snorkel gear—the waters off of this paradise island are home to some of the best coral reefs in the world!


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