Healthy and Cheap Food Culture in Suriname

It’s hard to stay healthy on a budget, especially if you’re like most people and want to eat fresh, whole foods rather than processed, boxed and canned foods. In Suriname, however, some of the cheapest food options are actually also the healthiest because they are made from real ingredients instead of being overly processed. Here are some ways that you can eat cheaply and healthily in Suriname.


If you’re looking for a delicious, healthy, and cheap place to eat, Suriname is the perfect place for you. The food culture here is based on fresh, local ingredients that are cooked with love. Plus, there are plenty of snacks and desserts to enjoy.
Most people eat rice, beans, vegetables, and meat or fish. This hearty meal will keep you full until dinner. And if you’re looking for something sweet to eat, there are plenty of options.
So if you’re looking for a healthy and affordable place to eat, Suriname is the perfect place for you. Bon appetit!

Surinamese cuisine -Roti (also known as Roti Tjopie) is a popular food in Suriname that can be found everywhere. It’s cheap and full of flavor. The word roti means bread or wrap, but there are actually many kinds of roti. Each region has its own version of it. Some things they have in common include flour, salt, oil, onions, garlic, and ground pepper.
Frikkadels are another delicious local snack that you’ll find everywhere you go. They are filled with sugar, cinnamon, vanilla extract, flour, butter, milk and eggs. They come in three varieties: fried brown sugar frikkadel, fried white sugar frikkadel and fried sugarless frikkadel. Dessert lovers should also try gingerbread cookies called kapucijners which are sold at every market by sellers who shout Kapucijner!

Roots of Traditional Dishes

Suriname’s main meal of the day is lunch. The country’s traditional dishes have African, Amerindian, Dutch, Chinese, Hindustani, and Javanese origins. The African influence is reflected in dishes like nasi goreng (fried rice), while the Amerindian influence is seen in dishes like pinda (peanut soup). The Dutch influence is evident in dishes like stamppot (mashed potatoes), while the Chinese influence is seen in dishes like lo mein (noodles). Hindustani cuisine has given rise to dishes like roti (flatbread), while the Javanese influence is evident in dishes like nasi kuning (yellow rice).

On special occasions, like weddings, a popular traditional dish is moksi meti (smoked fish), which is made of mahseer that has been smoked over a fire and then mixed with grated coconut. Cakes are also a common traditional sweet treat. Tjintamani is cake made of flour, cinnamon, eggs, sugar, butter or margarine, evaporated milk or vanilla pudding powder, nutmeg and pineapple jam. Another popular sweet treat is baibrie—pieces of dough fried until they’re browned—which are dusted with powdered sugar.

Other specialities include kripopo (smoked fish or meat), pakee (smoked fish that is used to flavor rice) and kaka (sweet potato). The latter is often served with baibrie. In cities, one can also find fast food establishments like Mc Donald’s, Pizza Hut, KFC, etc. Fast food has also made its way into traditional dishes such as roti/mie goreng. Street vendors sell murtabak, an Indian-influenced dish of flatbread filled with vegetables and meat.

Breakfast Options

When it comes to breakfast, Surinamese people usually eat pretty light. A lot of times it’ll just be some coffee or tea with maybe some eggs or toast. If you’re looking for something a little more filling, you could try the popular dish called on tbijtkoek which is a type of spiced cake. For something even more traditional, you could try the gebakken banaan which is fried plantains.

On a health side of things, eating breakfast is actually shown to be a good way to start your day. It can help with weight loss because if you have breakfast, you’re less likely to indulge on unhealthy foods later on. Also, since your body has been fasting overnight, it’s going to be really hungry so not having anything in your stomach is only going to leave you feeling tired and sluggish. Finally, breakfast gives you energy that helps keep you focused throughout your day.

On a cost side of things, breakfast is cheap. In fact, it’s probably cheaper than lunch or dinner. A lot of people will even make breakfast at home before they go to work so they have something ready to eat when they’re hungry. You can get store-bought cake or use ingredients like oil, salt, water and eggs to make something yourself—maybe on a weekend or evening if you don’t work early hours. Then you can have that leftover for breakfast when you get home!

Lunch Options

In Suriname, it is possible to find healthy and cheap food options for lunch. For example, you could go to the market and buy some fresh fruits or vegetables. Alternatively, you could also cook a simple dish at home using basic ingredients. Overall, there are many healthy and affordable lunch options available in Suriname.

Another lunch option that is healthy and affordable is to go to a food truck. In Suriname, you will find plenty of food trucks on almost every street corner. Most food trucks serve roti or various types of local dishes. These are very delicious, especially when they’re fresh out of the kitchen! For example, one popular type of dish served at these trucks is a type of omelette called kokosnoot (coconut). Sometimes you can also get fried fish with curry mayonnaise sauce. Regardless, you’ll always get great quality for a low price at these types of establishments.

If you like spicy food, another lunch option that is cheap and healthy is Chinese food. In many areas of Suriname, you will find plenty of affordable Chinese restaurants. In general, these places offer large portions that can easily be shared with a friend or colleague. Furthermore, Chinese cuisine offers a wide variety of dishes to choose from that vary based on region as well as taste preferences. Overall, if you’re looking for something quick, delicious and inexpensive—and that won’t derail your diet—this is an excellent option!

Dinner Options

In Suriname, there are many options for healthy and cheap dinners. Another popular option is rice and beans, which is a filling and nutritious meal that can be made very cheaply. There are also many fruits and vegetables available in Suriname, so it is easy to create a healthy meal from scratch.

What about dinner? In Suriname, many people like to eat roti for dinner. There are two different types of roti—one that is plain and another that has meat or vegetables folded inside it. It’s delicious when cooked with butter! Another common dish for dinner is rice and beans, which can be eaten on its own or with fish as a main course. People will often cook an entire pot of rice, then eat it over several days by adding more ingredients to it each day so that they don’t have to cook every night. This dish can also be cooked with chicken instead of fish or beans if you prefer.

Snacks & Sweet Treats

There’s no need to feel guilty about indulging in a little sweet treat every now and then. In fact, some research suggests that eating small amounts of sugar can actually help to boost your mood. But when it comes to snacks, it’s important to choose wisely. A healthy snack should be high in nutrients and low in sugar, fat, and calories.

And it should also provide some energy to help get you through to your next meal. Snacks are a great way to add variety and freshness to your diet, but if they’re not well planned out, they can be easy to overeat. To keep your snacking under control, try these tips: – Make sure that you eat a nutritious breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day so that you don’t get overly hungry at any point throughout the day. – Instead of going for seconds at meals or eating sugary snacks all day long (which will quickly add up), choose 1-2 healthy snacks per day that contain between 100-200 calories each.


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