Exotic Swedish Cuisine: A delicious food culture worth exploring

Swedish cuisine can be described as exotic compared to the cuisines of its neighboring countries, with ingredients such as lingonberries, cardamom, and black licorice. Even so, it can still be described as classic and traditional, with lots of meatballs and gravlax recipes available to please even the most discerning palate! Here are some of the most exquisite Swedish recipes you will ever find. Learn more about Sweden through its food culture in this article!


No trip to Sweden is complete without relishing chokladbollar- tasty chocolate balls made of oats, cocoa, butter, and sugar. These are easily available in every café and store across the country. You can even find them in healthy versions, made with fresh ingredients and no added sugar. They make for a healthy breakfast or dessert. And since they’re so easy to prepare, they are often prepared by friends and family during special occasions like birthdays or holidays!

To prepare chokladbollar, you can use fresh ingredients like crushed almonds and berries instead of cocoa powder. You can also add cinnamon and cardamom to enhance their flavor. Store-bought versions often come in small packages, but you can make them in bulk for large gatherings by doubling or tripling your recipe! Since they are so easy to prepare, most people prefer making their own chokladbollar instead of buying them from stores or cafeś.

To prepare them at home, you’ll need milk, butter, vanilla extract, cocoa powder, instant oats and caster sugar. Add all of these ingredients in a large bowl and mix to combine well. You can add finely chopped nuts for texture and flavor. Roll small amounts of dough into little balls and keep refrigerated until ready to serve. You can enjoy these tasty treats as is or as part of a full meal with fresh berries and yoghurt!


Sweden is a country with a rich and diverse food culture, and Gubbröra is one of its most unique and delicious dishes. This traditional Swedish dish is made with a variety of meats, including pork, beef, and lamb, that are slowly cooked in a broth made from garlic, onion, and black pepper. The result is a hearty stew that is perfect for winter days. Best of all, Gubbröra is easily available at most Swedish restaurants. So if you find yourself in Sweden, be sure to relish in this tasty dish!

This easy-to-make recipe comes from Sweden. If you want to make it at home, here’s what you’ll need 1kg (2 pounds) of meat (beef, pork or lamb), 1 large onion, 5 cloves of garlic, salt and ground black pepper to taste. Cut the meat into bite-sized pieces and fry it until browned on both sides in a frying pan. Fry the onions until soft then add the meat and cook over medium heat until the meat has absorbed all the liquid. Add enough water or stock so that there’s about 2 cm (1 inch) left above the level of the meat. Add salt and ground black pepper according to taste then bring to boil stirring occasionally so as not to burn any bits on the bottom. Cover with lid then simmer gently over low heat for 2 hours stirring occasionally. Remove from heat after cooking time is up. Serve hot with boiled potatoes and lingonberry jam or cranberry sauce.


A popular dish in Sweden, Gravlax is salmon that has been cured in salt, sugar, and dill. It is often served with a mustard or dill sauce, and is a common appetizer. The word Gravlax comes from the Swedish word grav, meaning grave or hole, and lax, meaning salmon. The dish is said to have originated in the Middle Ages, when fishermen would cure their catch with salt to prevent it from spoiling. Gravlax can be made at home, but it is also commonly found in restaurants.

Another interesting dish popular in Sweden is called Surströmming. It is fermented Baltic herring that has been canned, and has a very strong odor as a result of its production process. The fish can be eaten cold or hot with flatbread, onions, lemon slices, mustard, or vinegar. It’s widely available in Swedish grocery stores or can be ordered online from specialty stores such as Savi Proviant in Philadelphia.
If you like Surströmming then consider trying Västerbotten Cheese, which has been made in northern Sweden since about 1750. As its name suggests, it’s considered one of Sweden’s best cheeses and is often found on restaurant menus throughout Scandinavia and Europe.

Ekorrebrod med smör och sillsallad

Ekorrebrod is a traditional Swedish dish made of eel, potatoes, and hardtack bread. It is typically served with butter and sillsallad, a salad made of herring, diced onion, and diced apples. This dish is hearty and filling, perfect for a winter meal. The eel gives the dish a unique flavor that is well worth trying. If you are looking for something new and exciting to try, Ekorrebrod is definitely the way to go!

If you want to try Ekorrebrod, you can visit several locations in Stockholm that serve it. Two of these are Carlsforsen and Laxaset Hjörby. Laxaset is a bit more upscale and specializes in smörgrod, a dish consisting of eel, potatoes, onions, cream sauce, rye breadcrumbs and anchovies. However, Ekorrebrod is also on their menu! It’s prepared differently at each location so if you don’t get to try it at one restaurant then check out another!
Swedish Food Culture – Delicious cuisine isn’t all Sweden has to offer. They also have an interesting food culture as well. For example, there is a holiday called The Midsummer Festival which takes place on June 24th every year. During this festival, Swedes light bonfires, dance around them with bells in hand, shoot flaming arrows into the sky from wooden bows (which is both amazing and terrifying!), eat dishes like pickled herring and boiled potatoes covered in mustard sauce as appetizers; chicken or ham as entrées; rice pudding mixed with whipped cream as dessert; while drinking mead mixed with aquavit (a type of alcoholic beverage) or wine – which might be why they make sure to schedule this festival when summer doesn’t exist!

Köttbullar med potatismos, rödlök och lingonsylt

Swedish meatballs with mashed potatoes, red onions, and lingonberry jam is a classic dish that’s hearty and filling. This dish is often served with a side of green beans or pickled cucumbers.
Kottbullar are usually made with ground beef, but sometimes pork or veal is used instead. The meatballs are seasoned with salt, pepper, onion, and allspice before being pan-fried or baked.
The finished kottbullar are then simmered in a gravy made from beef or chicken stock, cream, and flour.

While you can use a variety of ingredients to top your kottbullar, try pairing it with potato purée, onions, and lingonberry jam. The flavour is sweet, tart, and makes for a nice contrast to your savoury meatballs. When buying lingonberry jam or jelly, choose one that’s 100% lingonberries rather than using a jam or jelly with added sugar. If you can’t find lingonberry jam at your local grocery store or farmers’ market, it’s also possible to make your own – see if you can find some berries at nearby berry farms in summer!
Perhap’s even better served with potatoes? Here are four popular ways Swedes enjoy their potatoes.


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