Cheap and Easily Available: The Food Culture of Belarus

Belarus is home to some of the cheapest, healthiest and most delicious food in Europe. Fresh fruit and vegetables are easily available in supermarkets throughout the country, and meat, seafood and dairy products are much cheaper than those in the UK or USA. Here’s a quick guide to the national food culture of Belarus, including what to eat when visiting the country as well as what to avoid…

7 Foods that are easy to find in Belarus

  1. Bread is a staple in Belarusian cuisine. There are many different types of bread, including rye, wheat, and black bread. All of these types of bread are healthy and delicious.
  2. Fresh fruits and vegetables are also easy to find in Belarus. In the summer, there are stalls selling fresh berries and cherries everywhere. And in the winter, you can find root vegetables like potatoes, carrots, and beets at most markets.
  3. Meat is another important part of the diet in Belarus. Pork, chicken, and beef are all commonly eaten. These meats are usually stewed or roasted with vegetables.
  4. Fish is also popular in Belarusian cuisine. It is traditionally boiled in tomato sauce with potatoes. Sometimes it’s served on top of pasta for a more hearty meal.
  5. Eggs are also enjoyed regularly as an inexpensive source of protein. They’re boiled, fried, or used as an ingredient in other dishes.
  6. Dairy products like milk and cheese are widely available in Belarus because they’re so healthy and nutritious!
  7. Another type of food commonly found in Belarus is pate or sausage. These are made from a variety of meats, ranging from pork to chicken to lamb. They’re usually eaten as a sandwich on bread, but they can also be enjoyed with potatoes or other vegetables for a heartier meal.

Kvas (a fermented bread drink)

Belarusians love their kvas, a fermented bread drink that’s cheap and easily available. Kvas is made by fermenting black or rye bread in water, then adding yeast and sugar. It’s usually drunk cold and can be found in most bars and restaurants. If you’re looking to try something new, relish in the food culture of Belarus and order a kvas!

A small country with big borders, Belarus has been ruled over by Russians, Poles and Lithuanians at different times. Each ethnic group left its mark on Belarusian cuisine; beetroot was first introduced during Russian rule while plov (pilaf) came from Lithuania after it joined Poland in 1569. This melting pot of flavours makes for some delicious meals – if you know where to look!

Flatbread, salo, cheese and butter

In Belarus, food is cheap and easily available. The country’s cuisine is based on the staples of bread, potatoes, meat and dairy products. For many people, these simple dishes are all they need to get by. However, there are those who relish the food culture of Belarus and enjoy trying new things. Cheese and butter are two of the most popular items in Belarusian cuisine. They are used in a variety of dishes, including the national dish of draniki (potato pancakes). Salo is another popular ingredient, which is a type of cured pork fat. It is often eaten as a snack or side dish.

For special occasions, some people in Belarus might prepare a traditional food such as shashlik (shish kebab) or syrniki (Russian pancakes). Drinks in Belarus are also popular. A brandy called horilka is known for its many varieties, which can be purchased at restaurants and stores. There are also places to purchase distilled vodka and other alcoholic beverages.

Borscht (beet soup)

Borscht is a soup that is very popular in Belarus. It is made with beets, cabbage, potatoes, carrots, and other vegetables. The soup is usually served with sour cream, bread, and dill. Borscht is a cheap and easy meal to make, which makes it popular among the people of Belarus. One can purchase all of the ingredients at their local grocery store. There are many recipes for borscht so each family has their own version; some add meats or mushrooms, while others will use only water instead of broth or will cook it for a longer time than usual. The dish is always red and I often serve mine as an appetizer because I enjoy watching my guests’ faces when they try it for the first time!

Borscht is very inexpensive. This dish requires little effort to prepare, but tastes as though much more time was put into it. Serve with dill, sour cream or applesauce. Most everyone loves beets so I highly recommend giving borscht a try! It is a staple in many countries because of its unique taste; add it to your repertoire!


One of the most popular dishes in Belarus is a salad made of boiled potatoes, carrots, beets, pickles, onions, dill, and mayonnaise. This dish is called Salat von herings and is usually served as a side dish. another popular salad is the Minsk Salad which is made of cucumbers, tomatoes, radishes, greens, and onions. salads are often served with bread or boiled eggs. also, it is not uncommon to see potato pancakes served at breakfast time.

Potato pancakes can be topped with sour cream, honey, apple sauce, or even meat like bacon. soup (borscht) can also be enjoyed for lunch on a cold day! It’s typically eaten during winter months and is cooked using either beetroot or cabbage to give it its characteristic pink coloration. Soup will often have some kind of meat-like sausage added for flavor such as smoked kielbasa sausage or chopped pieces of smoky bacon.

Potato pancakes, meat pies and kasha (buckwheat porridge)

Belarus is a landlocked country that borders Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Lithuania, and Latvia in Eastern Europe. The cuisine has been shaped by the country’s agricultural heritage as well as its close proximity to other European countries. Typical Belarusian cuisine includes hearty dishes with less expensive ingredients such as potatoes, meat, and buckwheat.

Potato pancakes, or draniki, are a popular dish made from grated potatoes, onions and flour, fried in oil until golden brown. Meat pies are another common dish, usually made with pork or beef and served with a side of kasha (buckwheat porridge). For those looking for something sweet, there are also plenty of options available.


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