Beautiful National Parks in the Southwest USA You Have to Visit

The Southwest USA’s national parks have some of the most gorgeous landscapes you’ll find anywhere in America, let alone the world. The great thing about these locations is that many are easily accessible from large population centers, so you don’t have to drive hours away from home to see jaw-dropping views of nature at its finest. Take a look at these seven beautiful national parks in the Southwest USA that you have to visit!

Yosemite National Park

The Yosemite Valley is a beautiful place with natural wonders, clean air and flowers in every season. It has been ranked as one of the most famous national parks for its rugged beauty. The park covers a huge area which includes a valley and a high country region that includes Tuolumne Meadows. Get ready for scenic views and plenty of opportunities for outdoor adventures like hiking, climbing or camping.

You can get there easily from San Francisco, Los Angeles or Las Vegas by car or bus. This is a must-visit destination during spring when flowers are blooming, summer when waterfalls are flowing and autumn when trees turn golden yellow.

Joshua Tree National Park

The Joshua Tree National Park is one of the most beautiful and scenic parks in America. The park is full of clean, natural beauty that you’ll never want to leave. It also has a lot of opportunities for adventure like hiking and rock climbing. Definitely put this on your list of must-visit national parks.

Other must-visit national parks in America include Yosemite, Rocky Mountain, Yellowstone and Great Smokey Mountains. These parks are known for their beauty and their hiking trails. They’re also great spots for adventure seekers with things like rafting and kayaking. If you’re visiting these parks and want a great hotel experience, book a room at any of these luxury hotels near national parks in America. These five star hotels have outstanding customer service and a beautiful setting to go along with it so you can get all of your needs met while having an enjoyable stay.

Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Park

In Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Park, you can visit giant sequoias up close. On your way there, you’ll see a landscape unlike anywhere else on earth. The park spans over 400,000 acres of pristine wilderness nestled against the eastern slope of the Sierra Nevada mountain range. These trees are some of the largest living things on Earth. They were once alive during dinosaurs’ time and they still stand today.

If you visit either park, you will definitely need a few days to explore the mountains, rugged foothills, deep gorges, huge caves, and towering sequoia trees. There is only one road through the parks, so get out of your car and go hiking; for example, try the Redwood Canyon Trail or the Big Trees Trail.

Capitol Reef National Park

You’ll find Capitol Reef’s beautiful rock formations in close proximity to your vehicle. With more than 800 miles of trails, Capitol Reef is a fantastic park for hiking, biking and horseback riding. The park also has a scenic drive that takes you past ancient petroglyphs, hoodoos and abandoned pioneer homes.
Capitol Reef’s 612 square miles are home to a number of endangered species like the Utah Prairie Dog, vernal pools and Ponderosa Pine trees. The geology is fascinating with its rainbow hues from iron oxide deposits that have been eroded by wind-blown sand. If you’re lucky you may catch sight of wildlife like foxes, mule deer or eagles soaring overhead before they make their nest high atop one of the many cliffs.

If you’re planning a trip to Capitol Reef and want a little extra adventure, you’ll find opportunities for cave spelunking, hiking, backpacking and wildlife viewing nearby. If you’re not feeling particularly adventurous, it’s an excellent place for scenic drives where you can take in awe-inspiring views of sandstone cliffs and spires.

Bryce Canyon National Park

Bryce Canyon National Park is located in the Southern United States and has had the erosion created by wind and rain wear away the rock floors to create oddly shaped and fantastical spire-shaped rock pillars called hoodoos. In contrast with the forest of dark green conifers, a vibrant cluster of crimson-hued rock formations grows, its texture seemingly heightened against the landscape.

The Riggs Spring Loop offers a peaceful walk through the hinterland, while the Under-the-Rim Hiking Trails will take you through pine forests. Make sure you spend time at Fairyland Point, Bryce Point, or Sunset Point if you want a memorable view of the park. You can also explore these forests in an off-road vehicle. It is a pleasant experience to hear the park rangers speak about the park’s rich history.

Zion National Park

The best way to experience Zion National Park is by hiking the popular Narrows trail. The trail is a 10 mile round trip hike that takes an average of four days and requires a permit, which must be obtained at least one day ahead of time. While there, you’ll experience beautiful, red sandstone cliffs and a variety of wildlife.

There are a variety of places to stay near Zion, from hotels and bed-and-breakfasts to campgrounds. If you’d like to stay on-site, reserve a campsite well ahead of time as spots book up quickly. There are also several hike-in camping areas that offer minimal amenities for those who want a more secluded experience. No matter where you end up staying, do some research before you go so that you can plan your trip efficiently and safely.

Great Basin National Park

In Nevada, Great Basin National Park is a beautiful and remote park that’s home to a variety of habitats including alpine meadows, subalpine forests, deserts, and wetlands. One of the most famous features of this national park is Lehman Caves, which is home to stalactites and stalagmites that have been growing for more than 500 thousand years. This national park also has incredible views of Wheeler Peak, which at 13 thousand feet above sea level is the second-highest peak in Nevada.

This beautiful national park is located just south of Salt Lake City, Utah. It offers scenic views at every turn as well as an active geothermal area that includes bubbling mud pots and steam vents. This park was named after John D.


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