A Celebration of Romania’s Traditional Culture and Religious Traditions

Romania is known as one of the most beautiful countries in Europe, but it’s also known as an extremely religious country with a deeply-rooted ethnic heritage that has been passed down through generations. Romania’s culture and religious traditions date back hundreds of years, creating a mix of modern and traditional events that blend together to create holidays that are centuries old. Though much of the country’s culture and traditions were damaged during the Communist years, they’ve undergone a revival since joining the European Union in 2007 and today are being celebrated once again by Romanians.


It’s not just Romania’s rich history that makes it a treasure trove of culture, but also its festivals. It is impossible to mention any single folk festival from Romania in which some kind of embroidery was not played an important role. No matter if you are a weaving expert or just passionate about folk music, you will find something for yourself in every corner. If you happen to be in Bucharest during one of these celebrations, don’t miss an opportunity to attend one of these events. Although they vary in nature, all folk festivals have one thing in common: they last several days long and include singing, dancing and dining.

One of the most popular is the Mărțișor Festival (a name derived from the Romanian word martisor meaning March). Celebrated on March 1st this traditional celebration commemorates the day when winter starts giving way to spring. The festivity usually starts with villagers picking flowers together at dawn and then putting them into glasses filled with water until noon. Then everybody gathers around a tree decorated with strips of cloth and garlands woven out of flowers, petals and leaves symbolizing growth and fertility, respectively.


Like most traditional cultures around Europe, Romanian culture is based on a rich set of traditions. The country’s religious beliefs, for example, are steeped in history; though Roman Catholicism has dominated Romania for hundreds of years. Folk religions played an important role before then. Indeed, weaving, varied folk music, household decoration, and embroidery of costumes were all important ways to celebrate Romanian culture. To assist with understanding the meaning of these traditions, here is some information.

Nowadays, it is easy to experience all aspects of Romanian culture, including music. Most cities in Romania host numerous festivals throughout the year that are centered on folk traditions. Additionally, costumes from past traditions are still widely worn today in weddings, cultural ceremonies and special events. To fully understand a traditional culture, these old items help give insight into what life was like for past generations. Romanian folklore is especially focused on agriculture so these outfits have strong ties to history which makes them even more valuable. As such, people who study local art often collect folk costumes as well as books about their origin and significance. Folklorists strive to preserve information about varied folk music, household decoration, embroidery of costumes for future generations to learn from their mistakes or share in their triumphs.

Customary Things

One of Romania’s most unique aspects is its people. In a country where magic, spirituality, and folklore are traditionally intertwined with daily life, every person has their own set of beliefs that they bring to religious celebrations. The roots of these customs can be traced back to ancient times, when Romanians lived in small communities before developing a strong sense of national identity under foreign rule. As such, Christmas Day is not just an opportunity for celebration; it’s also a time for reflecting on our nation’s rich cultural history.

One tradition that has become an integral part of Christmas is the custom of lighting a candle. This symbolises Christ’s birth, which brought light into darkness, while also bringing warmth and illumination to people’s lives. One of the many symbolic meanings of candles is that they represent enlightenment. For that reason, early Christian communities followed a tradition of not using them during Advent, making themselves all the more acutely aware of Jesus’ birth on Christmas Day. During Advent, however, it was acceptable to have a small flame burning so it could be relit on Christmas Day.

Folklore And Stories

Not unlike any other country with a rich history, Romania is home to many interesting folktales, legends, and oral histories. One such legend tells how Bran Castle came to be—said to be built on top of Dracula’s abandoned dungeon by none other than Count Dracula himself! Another famous legend has it that Pope Joan was born in Bucharest. According to stories passed down through generations, she became a member of a high-ranking religious order but disguised herself as a man for political reasons. She soon rose up through its ranks until she was elected pope at only 25 years old.

In addition to a rich collection of myths, legends, and stories, Romania also has its fair share of holiday traditions. For example, one tradition that is still followed today is St. Andrew’s Day—or Sânandrei as it’s called in Romania. It comes every year and is considered a harvest festival meant to celebrate unity between all peoples. A small town near the Hungarian border hosts a popular annual event where large groups of children are given brightly colored feathers to wear and are then tossed into the air from rooftops or balconies. The ceremony dates back to pagan times when boys would compete for girls’ attention by tossing their hats into the air; if their hat caught on someone else’s head, they would marry that person.


Another tradition in Eastern Europe, handicrafts are appropriate for giving gifts. If you want to show your culture off to someone else, it is not necessary to make a costly gift. For example, you can create Romanian-style soap or candles that are both beautifully designed and pleasing to the nose. And if you’re not a creative type, there are plenty of options for buying unique handcrafted items on Etsy or at art fairs around your community. If you’re looking for something more extravagant, consider buying handmade silver jewelry—the quality is high but so is a piece’s price tag. However, it can be great holiday gift if you have someone special in mind!

This tradition is especially well-known for its textiles. In fact, Romanian costumes are some of Europe’s most stunning, from intricate designs on traditional jackets to colorful embroidery that adorns clothing or blankets. If you’re interested in preserving Romania’s history and putting some Romania memorabilia in your home, then you should purchase these items. And although these textiles may not be as readily available to you through internet shopping sites, like Etsy, they can still be found at local markets. Even better? Many artisans will give you discounts or include gift wrapping services with their items! If a single piece doesn’t strike your fancy or go along with your décor, think about looking into bedspreads or tablecloths instead!


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