8 Perfect Beaches in Lebanon You Have to Visit

Lebanon has many beautiful places to visit and experience, including the charming capital city of Beirut, the historical ruins scattered throughout the country, and the amazing beaches that are found all along its coastline. Take a look at this list of 8 of the most stunning beaches in Lebanon that you must visit before your next vacation there!

1) White Beach

The sparkling blue waters and clear white sand makes the White beach in Lebanon the most beautiful place to unwind by the seashore. Since this beach is relatively less crowded, the calm and pleasant ambiance creates a perfect setting for you to enjoy the soothing sound of the crashing waves. Located in Batroun, the white rocky coast of this beach is truly one of its kind. You can enjoy some lip-smacking delicacies at various restaurants and cafes located around the White beach in Lebanon. You can also indulge in your favorite seafood at the onsite restaurant located within the beach premises.

Highlights: Low entrance free, cleanliness and less crowd are some of the highlights this beach

2) Benny Beach

This Chekka beach in Lebanon is known for its shimmery sandy coast and crystal clear water. You can enjoy some amazing beach time with your family and friends and capture some amazing snaps of this beautiful beach. Located amidst the northern coast of Lebanon, this hidden gem is truly worth adding to your bucket list. Taking a long walk by the Chekka beach in Lebanon is all you need to revive your soul and make some beautiful memories.

Highlights: You can enjoy the serenity of this place at the minimal entrance fee

3) Tyre Beach

If you are looking forward to spending your whole day on the seashore, then Tyre beach is undoubtedly one of the best beaches in Lebanon. The good news is you do not have to shed any money to explore the mystical beauty of this stunning beach. Located in the south of Beirut, the scenic route to this treasured beach is absolutely spellbinding. Apart from the cleanliness and serenity, this beach is also known for some great dining restaurants where you can enjoy an appetizing meal with spectacular views.

Highlights: No entry fee, cleanliness, and great dining options are some of the highlights of this turquoise beach in Lebanon

4) Pierre & Friends

If you love partying by the seaside, then Pierre & Friends has the best beach bars for you to enjoy the exciting nightlife in Lebanon. Dance your heart out to the lively tracks played by the renowned DJs at this splendid beach. This private beach with its cheerful party atmosphere is perfect for indulging in some great Lebanese food, cocktails, and music in one place. The lounge chairs are perfect for relaxing and enjoying the pleasant views sunset and the waves crashing the Batroun’s shore.

Highlights: This beach is primarily known for its top-notch beach bars and energetic atmosphere

5) Rabbits Island

If you wish to unwind away from the hustle-bustle of the crowded spaces, then this natural reserve is the best place to isolate and rejuvenate yourself to the fullest. A short ferry ride from Tripoli’s mina will lead you to this magnificent paradise. While heading to this heavenly place, do not forget to pack some snacks and beverages. There are chairs and umbrellas for you to sit back and enjoy the tranquil beach vibes here.

Highlights: Free entry and peaceful location make a perfect destination to reconnect with nature

6) Lazy B

If you are looking for Lebanon beaches that are a combination of serenity and adventure, then head on to Lazy B beach right away. This turquoise beach in Lebanon boasts a lush green ambiance that adds a scenic touch to it. Also, there are cool lounge areas and three stunning swimming pools for enjoying with your buddies. Ideally located on the southern coast of Jiyeh, this place is a perfect destination for all the beach lovers. The exotic tropical cocktails will indeed add to your vacation experience here.

Highlights: The beautiful swimming pools and lounge areas make this beach resort outstanding

7) Sporting Club Beach

Treat yourself with some amazing 5-star seafood at this spectacular sporting beach club located in Beirut. This marvelous beach lends an aura of luxury and Lebanese vibe for a perfect day-out amidst nature. You can enjoy a sumptuous Lebanese meal at the poolside restaurant and enjoy the delightful views of the Mediterranean Sea. The foodies can head on to the Feluka restaurant and savor some of the authentic Lebanese dishes.

Highlights: Feluka restaurant upstairs is one of the most prominent highlights of this beach

8) Florida Beach

Florida beach in Lebanon is surrounded by magnificent mountains, thus making it an ideal place for a peaceful weekend getaway. This beach resort houses some luxurious hotel rooms, elite suites, and chalets for offering you a memorable stay by the seashore. The sight of the crystal clear the Mediterranean Sea will surely brighten up your day. Also, this beach resort is known for its appetizing dishes served at the onsite restaurants.

Highlights: The top-notch seafood restaurant and the large outdoor swimming pool are some of the perks of Florida beach in Lebanon


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