6 Adventurous Thrilling Things To Do In Zanzibar

Zanzibar is an island located off the coast of Tanzania in East Africa that has long been popular with tourists, both local and international. If you’re planning a trip to Zanzibar in the near future, or you’re just thinking about it, check out these seven exhilarating adventures that are sure to keep you entertained. You can even use the tips in this article to plan your own vacation!

1) Go for Ocean Diving

The Indian Ocean around Zanzibar is wonderful for ocean diving. It’s clear, warm water and plentiful coral make it a great place to explore. There are many exciting dive sites to choose from, including reef dives, wall dives, and shipwreck dives. And if you’re looking for something truly chilling, you can even go for a night dive. If you want more thrills, the House of Wonders in Stone Town has plenty of thrilling adventures waiting for you.

There are plenty of other sports and activities that can give you a thrilling experience in Zanzibar. Visit Mtoni Marine Park for snorkeling, diving, or windsurfing. A few miles away is Jambiani Beach where you can enjoy many water sports and volleyball. Either go golfing at Kizimkazi Golf Club or Jozani Greens Golf Course. Go zip lining in Mnemba Island and when you’re done with these adrenaline rushes, stroll the boardwalk at Coconut Beach. Lastly, get to know your local wildlife on Jozani Forest Reserve!

Take time to relax at a wonderful beach like Lighthouse Beach or Jozani Beach, or learn about history on a tour of Stone Town. Visit Mbweni Village Museum and Il Galeone Wreck. Go on a night walk along Buguruni Beach or enjoy culinary delicacies at Prince Majid Restaurant while enjoying dramatic music performances. You’ll be sure to have plenty of exciting adventures in Zanzibar with these suggestions!
So you’ve chosen things you want to do?

2) Go for skydiving

If you are an adrenaline junkie, then skydiving should definitely be on your list of things to do in Zanzibar. With the Indian Ocean as your backdrop, you can experience one of the most exhilarating and chilling moments of your life. There are plenty of other sports to try as well while you’re on the island, from kite surfing to deep sea diving.

The sport offers you plenty of thrills, with a parachute strapped to your back. But it’s not for those who are not sure about their decision. It’s definitely one of those things to do in Zanzibar that will help you develop better fear-management skills. The thrill lasts for only a few minutes though so if you’re looking for more adrenaline pumping adventures, go on and try out some other sports as well!

Kite surfing is one of those fun sports that you can try out in Zanzibar. If you have never tried it before, then a trip to Zanzibar is just perfect for you. Unlike conventional surfboards, kitesurfing boards are much smaller and easier to control, especially when there are huge waves breaking on shore. So even if you are a novice surfer or never had an opportunity to try it out before, don’t let that stop you from trying out something new and adventurous! You need some experience of course but with proper coaching, anybody can learn how to become a good kitesurfer.

3) Go For Safari

A visit to the Ngurdoto Crater is a must while in Zanzibar. The crater is a huge, inactive volcano that last erupted over 150 years ago. Today, it is home to a variety of wildlife including leopards, monkeys, and elephants. If you’re lucky, you might even spot a Zebra!
In addition to Ngurdoto Crater, there are several other safari options available in Zanzibar. A walking safari through the Jozani Forest or a boat ride through the mangroves can be arranged. Or, if you want to get out of the sun for a little bit, check out one of the many parks and reserves in Zanzibar like Kendwa Rock or Kizimkazi Rock.

Whatever you decide to do, be sure to wear long sleeves and pants, especially at Ngurdoto Crater. The wildlife is beautiful, but it can be dangerous as well! And remember to not over exert yourself—Zanzibar has a hot climate and is in a malaria zone so try to stay hydrated. Also bring sunscreen with you as there isn’t much shade on these adventures! If you’re looking for more adventure, check out our post on diving in Zanzibar!

4) Swim With The Whale Sharks

If you want an adrenaline rush, swim with whale sharks!you can weigh as much as 40 tons with this gentle giant!the whale shark is harmless to humans, so you will have to approach it.it’s an experience you’ll never forget when you’re in the water with them.zanzibar has whale sharks all year long, but the best times to see them are April and June.don’t miss out on the amazing experience of swimming with whale sharks!

If you’re going to get anywhere near these gentle giants, they’ll take a while. Adults male whale sharks average about 40 tons, so no one can ride them. But people try anyways. A legitimate whale shark tour will have an experienced crew who can lead guests in an activity which is becoming more and more popular by tourism agencies in Zanzibar. Just make sure you stay safe on your adventure because these huge fish can swallow a person whole if they want to! So don’t let them!

5) Relax At Spice Island Beach Club

Spilling down a jagged stretch of Coral Coastline, Spice Island Beach Club is one of the most dazzling places to stay in Zanzibar. With its natural, elevated layout and modern comforts, the resort may very well be seen as a luxury treehouse. But it’s the views that really take your breath away: from your perch, you can gaze out at the turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean, or watch dolphins frolic in the distance. If you can tear yourself away from the view, there’s plenty to do at Spice Island Beach Club. Take a dip in one of the three infinity pools, book a massage at the spa or head down to the beach for some snorkelling or kayaking.

But if you fancy something a little more lively, head to Coco’s. It’s a beachside club which plays host to great live music and DJs, as well as regular fire-shows and karaoke nights. If you can’t beat them, join them! You might also want to rent out a quad bike from Reggae Quad Tours for an off-road adventure through Tiwi Beach or visit Victoria And Albert Natural History Museum for an educational outing for your entire family. It’s only about some minutes away from Spice Island Beach Club by car so it’s easily done in a day trip. Why not book yourself onto an island tour with Panoramic African Travel?

6) Visit Prison Island

Prison Island, also known as Changuu Private Island, is a small island off the coast of Zanzibar. The island was once used as a quarantine station for sick slaves and as a prison for rebellious slaves. Today, the island is home to a colony of giant tortoises and is a popular tourist destination. Here, guests can swim with the turtles, sunbathe on the shore, or explore the many caves on the island.

Many of these caves are open to visitors, and some are carved out of natural caverns. It’s possible to explore some of these caves on your own by holding a lantern and following a guide deeper into them. On other days, you can be picked up by boat from Prison Island at 9am and taken to Mtoni Marine Park The marine park is home to coral reefs, large numbers of fish species and sharks, which you can swim with. The tour lasts all day until late in the afternoon; after you return to shore, it’s possible to travel onwards to Dar es Salaam or Stone Town for more adventures.


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